Black Swan / White Swan

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In this next installment of what now appears to be my ongoing series of ‘Ballerinas in Somewhat Unusual Locations” – we’re hitting the golf green! Joburg Ballet asked for my help creating a series of commercial images to promote an upcoming golf drive, with the goal of raising funds for the ballet company. Consequently – I found myself at the beautiful Houghton Golf Club earlier today – with the magnificent and very talented ballerina Nicole Ferreira. The bright sun was slowly rising on a completely clear blue sky – which is actually typical weather for any given winter day in Joburg – and definitely another advantage of living here.

As with any photoshoot – some images are planned for in advance and some images emerge during the shoot in a collaboration with the talent in front of the lens. In the case of Nicole – she truly had a great repertoire of cool moves and jumps – with many “how about this?” ideas. Let’s face it – a professional dancer will practice hours and hours every day in front of a mirror – so they usually have a keen sense of what looks really good.

Now – a third category of images are the lucky shots – where the stars are somehow aligned to make the unpredictable, unprecedented happen. Today the lucky shot was appropriately represented by a black swan. In fact you could be tempted to call this a genuine black swan event. We had actually seen this particular swan on the golf course earlier in the day – so at the appropriate time our helpful caddy was sent scouting for the unusual animal – and he found the black swan peacefully swimming in a nearby (swan-) lake. Minutes later we had our much desired Black Swan/White Swan image.

 (Lauge Sorensen)

A special thanks to Nicole for being such a good sport and for doing her magic, to Yvonne Dijon and the Houghton Golf Club for providing access to the golf course – and to Kenny-the-Caddy for his help carrying my gear, holding my reflector and tracking down our black swan.

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  1. Wonderful photos and a great campaign. Hope Joburg Ballet has a wonderful event on 25 July.

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